BLP has helped our clients develop high quality Five Quarter Rolling Pipelines “5QRP”. We accomplish this by developing a clear understanding of the organizational barriers that are preventing the development of the pipeline and creating the appropriate Management and

Sales personnel behaviors, processes and tools that encourage and support the development of a longer-term Pipeline.


Win-Loss Analysis is the market research practice focused on identifying actionable Insights into why clients chose to buy your products and services, and why other prospects decided to select another vendor instead of you. Services usually entail conducting extensive telephone

interviews with new clients or lost prospects. By identifying why you win or lose, you can systematically replicate what is working, and develop strategies to address the reasons you lose. The bottom line: these insights and the associated action plan drive improved bottom-of-funnel conversion.


One of the most costly issues for a business is trying to replace an existing customer that decided to move to another provider. Unfortunately most companies don't understand they have a client satisfaction issue until it is too late. BLP can develop a market research program to enable your organization to gain these insights while there is still time to address the issues.



The key to driving strong results is to replicate what is working and develop strategies to address the barriers to success.  Based on insights derived from a Win-Loss or Customer Experience Analysis BLP can provide ongoing support to your team during the implementation of changes to your sales and support process.



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